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About Outhouse Auctions

Outhouse Auctions, run by Outhouse CLG, is an auction platform primarily used for an annual online fundraising auction in aid of Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre, known as Arthouse. Arthouse is a timed online art auction of some of Ireland’s best established and emerging artists.

Arthouse is now the signature fundraising event hosted by Outhouse to raise funds to maintain and enhance the centre as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community in Dublin and Ireland.

Your donations and fundraising efforts will enable Outhouse to support the growing needs of our beautifully diverse community and ensure that every LGBTQ+ person has a safe space to connect, find support, celebrate, and flourish.

Arthouse is showcasing a diverse range of affordable and investment artworks. Original paintings, limited edition prints, textiles and other 2D artworks will be represented in Arthouse. Collectable artworks by renowned artists will be offered for auction in addition to many more covetable works.


Safe spaces are needed now more than ever due to sustained and extreme violence and hate against the LGBTQ+ community online and offline.

Your generous donations and fundraising efforts will ensure that every LGBTQ+ person has a safe space to be themselves, make friends, participate in their community, and thrive. Moreover, the importance of a safe and warm space amid the fear of rising fuel and electricity costs is in our minds, especially for the most vulnerable in our community.

Your generosity will mean those who need a safe, warm, and welcoming place this winter will find an open door, cosy seat, and a cuppa among friends.